ftm-720San Francisco, 1975.

Woody, an artistically brilliant, socially inept street musician, is just getting by. Inspired by Stephanie, the love of his life, he writes an amazing song that could launch his musical career. Then an unexpected betrayal leaves him fighting for his relationship, his song and his future.

Hopelessly disorganized, armed only with his guitar and unique sense of humor, Woody tries to persevere against the inequities of the music business. Passion, desperation and intense idealism propel him head-on into the challenges of surviving as an uncompromising artist.

Face The Music is a story of love, self-discovery, and the spiritual power of music.

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“Greg exposes the insularity of the pop-music business with stunning veracity…an insider’s look at its highs, lows, and a whiff of the steaming guts, delivered with style and verve…not incidentally featuring an unforgettable leading lady. Good sh*t!”
– Robert Hunter, Grateful Dead lyricist

 “Thoroughly captivating and enjoyable…generally, words are inadequate to express emotions that can be easily conveyed by a piece of music; but this book flows like a moody, mystical, musical composition”
– Barry “The Fish” Melton, (Country Joe and the Fish).

“A hard-rock and read, it’s so heavy, it’s light.”
– Wavy Gravy; author, clown, ice cream flavor.

“Greg’s descriptions of situations that pertain to music, the music business (and people), land smartly on the pages of this entertaining, poignant novel. Lay back and enjoy the read, and maybe have a chuckle or two at how closely you can relate, as I did!”
– Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay, Muscle Shoals recording artist

“Face The Music” truly has something for everyone interested in the music industry. Musicians will read the book and find themselves nodding, whispering been there, done that. Fans will discover insights to music that range from poor to no (or even negative) pay, stage fright, and the general quirkiness of most musicians.”
– Scott Cunningham , Oregon Music News

Anton has been playing music around the Bay Area and beyond for over twenty-five years. A veteran of the band Zero; he’s written soundtracks for film, television, plays, and composed over fifty original songs.. His novel is about a struggling musician and his trials and tribulations with not only his love life, but also dealing with the business of music. Anton has seen that gifted artists often struggle with other areas of their life. The book is a work of fiction, and a reflection of his very “real world” experiences.
– AXS Entertainment

The song has always been primary to Greg Anton. By day he’s a criminal defense attorney in Santa Rosa. After hours, he’s the veteran drummer for his Marin-based band Zero, co-created by guitarist Steve Kimock. “To me, music is the most pure expression of someone’s world,” said Anton, who has now expanded his own world with the release of his novel, “Face the Music.” 

The lyrical page-turner, set in San Francisco in 1975, follows the saga that consumes a street musician, after he writes a song, ‘Stephanie’, and has it stolen. And here’s the real-life prologue: as folks have read the book, it’s only natural for them to wonder if there really is such a song. Robert Hunter, the Grateful Dead lyricist, read it and decided there had to be. He wrote the lyrics, Anton came up with the music. ‘Stephanie,’ is available on iTunes. It’s a real song, a love song: “Stephanie, come stand here by me. I fell in love with you, as I was born to do.” You can hear it on Anton’s Website, gregantonmusic.com. There’s info there, too, on the drum-beating lawyer’s book.
– Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Face The Music is about a songwriter and street musician. Chock full of acutely humorous “not-so-fictional” anecdotes, it reads like a page-turner.
– Grateful Web

In his long career in rock, drummer Greg Anton has sat behind his kit watching guitar players do all the things that guitar players do on stage. And he’s seen their single-minded devotion to their art off stage as well, and the dues they pay for it.”I’ve always loved the music coming from the Bay Area,” he says. “It seems organic, real, honest. I’m trying to tell a story about how valuable I think music is, what a pure expression of spiritual power it is, how it can express someone’s whole world.”

Over the decades, Anton has played with luminaries such as John Cipollina, John Lee Hooker, Otis Taylor, and members of the Grateful Dead. Best known as the co-founder of the rock-fusion band Zero, with Steve Kimock, Greg has been on more than 40 albums and played some 1,300 concerts. His new novel sets his fictional story in San Francisco in 1975, when the Bay Area was still vibrating with the music that came out of the Summer of Love.

‘FACE THE MUSIC’ captures the highs and lows of a musician’s life.
– Marin Independant Journal 

Greg Anton’s novel, Face the Music, is fun and full of authentic rock ’n’ roll detail. The description of working at the Saloon on Grant Avenue is worth the price.
– San Francisco Chronicle

While Face The Music is a page flipper, it is also very poignent and has depth. The plot takes more twist and turns then a Highway One ride to Stinson Beach California! Greg Anton’ s first book is fun and engaging with an insider’s view of the music business.
– blogtalkradio.

I loved it! I laughed, I cried, the full range of emotions. Great story! Great job!
–Barry Sless, rock guitarist, Moonalice/David Nelson Band

“Greg Anton’s sentences echo the subtle roar of his drum rolls. He begins before time could, ends in the out there after, always right on time. His words, his rhythms, get at the in-between of the way we get around this world, always conveying how what’s been going on means something, somehow. He’s done there, been that and his stories put us there in the middle of the pickle and always get at the grit of the beautiful heart-filling humanness of what makes us us.”
– Craig Wright, musician, author, creative writing professor

Stephanie – iTunes
Robert Hunter – Lyrics
Greg Anton – Music

Face the Music is a story about a love song called ‘Stephanie’. Greg recently recorded ‘Stephanie’ with some of his friends.
Original track credits: Steve Kimock (guitar), Melvin Seals (organ), Tim Hockenberry (vocals), Robin Sylvester (bass), Greg Anton (drums, piano)