Greg is honored to be endorsed by: Sonor Drums, Regal Tip Drumsticks, and Universal Percussion.

Drumkit: For most gigs Greg plays a six-piece ‘Force Maple’ Sonor kit with 20 X 19” kick, 10 X 11”, 12 X 10” 13 X 12”, 16 X 17” tom toms, 1962 Gretch wood snare, 14” X 6”, LP mounted bongos, Rototoms, 6”, 8”, 10”.

Alternate kit: Six-piece Yamaha Recording Custom, 22 X 19” kick, 10 X 11”, 12 X 10” 13 X 12”, 16 X 17” tom toms.

Alternate snare drums: Sonor maple 14”X8”, 1962 Gretch nickel plated brass, 14”X 6”.

Pedals: Double, DW 5000.

Heads: Over the years, Greg has experimented with different types of drum heads on his tom toms and has lately been running Attack single-ply coated heads on toms and snares with an Evans clear double-ply head on his kick drums.

Sticks: Greg plays with Regal Tip 5A nylon-tip sticks made from American Hickory wood.

Cymbals: Vintage Zyldian 21” ride, 19” crash/ride, 14” high hats, Paiste 16” crash, Ufip 6” splash, custom mounted aluminum salad bowls.

Gong: Chinese 38”          Timpani: Rodgers, 28”

Lee ‘Scotty’ Scott is Greg’s ace drum tech/tuner/gear guru.

Love and thanks in years past to the late Steve Block.

Congas: Custom made by Jim Caraway, San Rafael, Ca
African Zebra Wood, calf-skin heads. 12”, 13”, 16”

Drum Hand: Greg’s left hand was amputated as a result of an accident with a firecracker when he was 13 years old. He plays drums with a prosthetic hand he designed with the help of drummers Mickey Hart, Peter Erskine, and Alan Fuerestein of Payton Massey Prosthetics, Los Angeles.

I was at Mickey Hart’s house talking about ideas for my drumming hand; (I am forever grateful for the help Mickey gave me with this). We were discussing the need for a more secure grip. Mickey said ideas come to him when he plays the drums. He walked over to a hand drum and played, for a long time. Then he turned to me and said; “there’s a guy (Rick Cataneese), at the Regal Tip drumstick company; he designs the machines that hold drumsticks to lathe, lacquer and shape them. Try talking to him.”

I went out to Buffalo, New York, met with Rick, and he designed the aluminum insert that holds my stick. Then my dear friend and master recording engineer Brian Risner introduced me to session drummer Peter Erskine (Steely Dan, Weather Report). Peter came with me to the prosthetic company, gripped a drumstick in his left hand and stuck it in a five-gallon bucket of goop that hardened and created the drumming position I use for my left hand.

~ Greg

“At this point in my life,” Anton says, “there are a lot of things I’d rather have than a left hand. I actually kind of like having one hand, if I didn’t I might have become a guitar player.”

~ Aspen Times interview, 2003. Click to read the full interview!

Greg’s 1966 Harley Electroglide that he recorded on studio versions of ‘Gotta Ride Out’, an Anton/Rosenberg original song that was recorded by The Ghosts, The Novato Frank Band and The Goodman Bros. Band.